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I still get excited when an editor responds to a pitch and asks if a client can be interviewed or would like to write an article. It's proof that the process of public relations works. And when clients call to tell me that prospective clients contacted them after reading a blog post or a newsletter, I'm thrilled that my work is helping them build their business. It's not always easy - but the results are always rewarding.

To succeed, media programs must be intelligently planned, targeted to the right person in the right media, and positioned in a way that serves both the reporter and the client. When the timing, positioning and substance are all correct, the synergy works and coverage results.

A publicist who guarantees you media coverage is at best an optimist. If done right, chances are good that you will see results. For guaranteed placements, buy ad space! However, when it works, you get awareness, name recognition and something even bigger. You get the sub-text of all public relations programs: an unstated, third party endorsement of credibility and authority from the media.

Want your message to be heard in the stream of content? Contact to the media, clients and prospects must take place repeatedly on a regular basis over an extended period of time.

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